A summary of activities and actions

Dyrk sammen
foto Geir Mogen

I 2022 fikk Trondheim og Trøndelag status som European Region of Gastronomy. Satsingen ble rigget som et hovedprosjekt med flere mål og delprosjekt. Hovedprosjektet er nå gjennomført, og vi har laget en rapport med noe av aktiviteten fra året.


Rapporten heter “A summary of activities and actions” og inneholder bilder og beskrivelser av utvalgte aktiviteter fra 2022.

Rapporten er skrevet på engelsk og her er en kort oppsummering av noe av innholdet:

‧ As many as 80 kindergartens and 150 families participated in project Urban Farming (Dyrk sammen) to grow vegetables this year.
‧ A total of 190 pupils from 10 upper secondary schools with restaurant and food subjects participated in the European Young Chef Tour throughout the county.
‧ More than 1,400 pupils from 20 secondary schools in Trøndelag participated in Operation Food Day – a day of knowledge about our food region at school. Half of these schools also had company visits to a food producer or processor.
‧ More than 100 small and large events have been organised, including open farm, beer tasting, a Culinary Train Journey, Nordic Chef Dinner, The Big Feast, Eat Together events and Gourmet at home.
‧ A preliminary project on sustainable food systems has been carried out, where all parts of the food system have worked together for the first time.
‧ Coop Midt-Norge, one of the largest grocery chains, has arranged local food festivals all around the county in collaboration with local producers, as well as the “Everyday food concept”.
‧ A total of 350 companies have joined our ERG certification.
‧ We have gained good international visibility through a total of more than 100 international press/media reports during 2022.

Se hele rapporten her (PDF):